Revive Your Ministry

We leverage digital mediums to help ministries of all sizes fulfill the great commission. We Revive!

Why Hallelujah Social?


A praise worthy system for growth

Our message that Jesus Christ is the hope for humanity won’t ever change, but our methods must adapt. In simple terms, what worked yesterday, won’t work today.

We’re Ministry Focused.

As a community, we keep a ministry-first mindset. At every touchpoint, we equip ministries to reach as many individuals with the life-changing message of the gospel. It's not marketing. It's digital outreach.

Strategy that Fits Your Context.

As no two people are the same, no two ministries are the same. We’ve navigated through denominational, geographical, and cultural barriers to deliver solutions that will fit your context.

We’re not an Agency - We’re Part of Your Team.

Some ministries hire agencies to help them complete marketing & design projects. Well, that’s just not us. It’s not even a part of our vocabulary. We’re an extension of your team. We collaborate with your ministry to create a praise-worthy system for growth.

Design that Drives Growth.

Nowadays, attention isn’t simply given, it must be earned. We help ministries capture attention by leveraging various forms of media to help individuals take the proper next steps in their faith journey.

Unlimited Design

Yes, we really mean unlimited. Fuel your outreach efforts with jaw dropping design and attention grabbing videos.

  • 24-Hour turn around times
  • Completely custom source files
  • Month-to-month Subscription

Special Offer

Test out the waters with 50% off our unlimited design subscription.


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